House Of Muchique, Maaskade Cuijk. 17th of July 2011

Video geplaatst op dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Registration of the outdoor event 'House Of Muchique' at the Maaskade, Cuijk (Netherlands). Featuring Djs: Roog, Billy The Klit, Sir Charles, D-Rashid, Carita La Nina, Jasper Clash, Jeroenski and Dani L Mebius. Live on drums: Andrei Russo. MCs: I-Fan, MC Marboo and MC Nas-T.   Tracklist: 01: Empire Of The Sun vs. Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey People (Private Bootleg) buy: buy: 02: Oz Romita, Carita La Nina vs. Roog & Phonic Funk - Shaking/KTDNG (Private Bootleg) buy: buy: 03: Billy The Klit ft. Dani L Mebius - Kniftig. buy:   More info about House Of MuChique:
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